Giles Barrett

As a producer and engineer, Giles favours an organic approach, often working with bands playing together in the spacious live room of Soup Studio. He has run Soup Studio with founder Simon Trought for over a decade, alongside playing bass in Tigercats. Recent production credits include Bess Attwell, Angèle David-Guillou & Johnny Flynn, and engineering credits include Nubya Garcia, Joe Armon-Jones, The Ligeti Quartet, Ghostpoet & Moses Boyd.

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Below are a selection of recent recordings and productions with a few words of explanation:

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It was very difficult to pick a favourite of the many exceptional jazz artists that have passed through the studio in recent years, but in the end the standout track is Moses Boyd's Rye Lane Shuffle, which seemed to usher in a new musical era at Soup. I believe 13 people were in the live room for this session, and I often seem to have the most fun when the technical capabilities of the studio are being stretched to the maximum.

Johnny Flynn is one of the most talented individuals to have walked through our studio doors. After engineering Country Mile, in 2016 I had the privilege of co-producing his third album Sillion with him. The core of the record was him playing live in the studio with his band, the Sussex Wit, which we captured straight to 2" tape. This allowed a degree of temporal manipulation via the tape machine, the more extreme results of which can be heard in the background of the middle eight.

Mouvements Organiques is the third record I've worked on with Angèle David-Guillou, and the second that I have co-produced with her. The piece was performed on the organ at the Union Chapel, recorded by Grace Banks, and reworked extensively in the studio.

David John Sheppard has many musical outlets, and the percussive soundscapes of Snow Palms is one of my favourite to work on. The type of sessions where you are let loose in the studio with no brakes and no rules, working with freedom and the knowledge that everything could change at any point. 

Tigercats' current lineup is based around the heavily-effected kalimba playing of my brother, Duncan, augmented with guitar, bass, drums, keys, percussion, trumpet and saxophone. A chance to feed my Fela Kuti obsession and my Prince obsession at the same time.

After many years of recording string sections on top of other recordings, my first opportunity to make a standalone record for strings was when I was approached by Mark Bowler to record his quartet for strings. Working with the Ligeti Quartet was a true pleasure.