The Bare Bones

So this is getting quite specialist now, folks. The following pictures demonstrate the studwork (or wood framing) that will hold the plasterboard that will form the walls of the live room. This wooden framing will be filled with rockwool insulation and support 2 layers of plasterboard.

A plan view showing the ceiling framing of the live room and the control room.

Angled view of the live room ceiling. Note the slanted ceiling on the right hand side, disappearing beneath the beam, and the square framing around the central beam.

A closer view of the slanted section of ceiling.

Live room facing North, with slanted ceiling and protruding pillar.

Live room facing West. L-R: door to kitchen, foreground pillar, french windows to control room and slanted ceiling section top right.

Live room facing South: foreground pillar in center and door to kitchen on right.

Live room facing East - possibly the least exciting picture I’ve ever spent all day working on. Note angled corners on alcoves and pillar on far right.

Hopefully, none of you will ever see any of this, because if you do that means the plasterboard has fallen down. Nonetheless, comments and questions very welcome. We expect to receive the keys to the building very soon, and will be posting photos soon instead of mockups.