Dave Holmes

After starting his first studio in Napier, New Zealand back in 1999, Dave's quest for tone led him to join the Soup team in 2012. With an equal mix of technical proficiency, reckless rule breaking and "kiwi ingenuity", Dave is committed to crafting records that reflect originality and attention to detail.



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Here is a selection of his recent productions and a few words from Dave about them:

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Adrian Cox is nothing short of brilliant as a clarinet player, and capturing him live to 2" with his superb band for their "Profoundly Blue" LP was as rewarding a day in the studio as one could ask for.

Rhys Maslen and Low Totem are blurring the line between music and storytelling, using economy with sounds to sculpt works that engage and challenge. Time spent producing with them is always an opportunity to experiment. Plus they let me slap the bass from time to time.

From the soon-to-be-released LP "Wake", "Silence" is the first single let out of the studio from London band Escapists. Unafraid of the unorthodox, "Silence" is full of drama, nuance, layers and textures. Look out for drums through a Leslie, fuzzed out vocals, and the pluckiest of tack pianos. Producing this record has been a definite career highlight.

The final track from the sublime "The Tale" by Serendip, the vehicle for Belgian saxophonist and composer Arnaud Guichard. The record is inspired by the Persian fairy tale of The Three Princes of Serendip, and the four piece ensemble certainly channeled serendipity during the tracking sessions. "Lonesome" to me is heavy with vibe, restraint, and tinged with flickers of the full gauntlet of emotion. Tuning an upright bass down to C is just plain awesome too.