live band recording

We specialise in recording bands playing live in the room. If desired, performers or amplifiers can be isolated for separation. Lists of equipment and microphones are provided on the Live Room page.



Our spacious live room allows for a variety of ambient mic techniques to add depth to your recordings. We have a custom-built tiled echo chamber, as well as a variety of outboard reverb options. We have recorded a few examples to give you an idea of the options available.

To the right is a demonstration of a selection of the reverb options available at Soup Studio. Our 70s Rogers Kit was recorded using a simple Glyn Johns-type setup, along with different sets of ambient mics and reverbs.

Kit 1 was our 70s gold Rogers kit with Remo Pinstripe Tom heads and our Slingerland Radio King Snare and Remo Ambassador Fibreskyn heads.

Kit 2 was our 60s black Rogers kit and Ludwig 405 snare with Remo Emporer heads.



Voiceover and post-production


We provide a range of recording services for spoken-work productions, for radio, film, TV & podcasts. We can offer such sessions in the very comfortable and spacious environment of studio A, ideal for corporate clients, or in the more compact studio B, where we can offer extremely competitive rates.

Post-production, mixing and sound design work is also undertaken by our experienced engineers for engaging and immersive audio productions.

A professional audio mix for your podcast or youtube video makes a world of difference, even for material recorded at home. Common issues include clarity and quality of vocal sound, and phase issues which can cause total loss of sound or dropouts when listening on phones or laptops. We offer free consultation for issues such as these and a quick turnaround time.

Get in touch for our latest rates.

Mixing is offered at an hourly rate for attended sessions or on a per-track rate for online mixing or unattended sessions. Email or call us for our latest rates.


Send us your files for mixing via Dropbox.



Mastering is the final stage in the process of making a record, compiling your recordings into the format they will be released in and giving them the best possible sound.

Equalisation and compression are used to enhance the mix, and we usually combine the best of our analogue and digital gear to achieve this. If required we can run the mix through our tape machine to bring out some analogue warmth. We also offer this service separately should you require it. 

As well as mastering new recordings, older recordings can be remastered, whether from tape, digital, CD or vinyl. We also perform audio restoration on such recordings.

TC electronics parametric EQ in action