The boys have been busy! Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been away from the studio for family reasons but when I came back this week I was amazed at the progress that’s been made. The studwork is now virtually complete, as you can sort of see from the pictures, and today we started putting the plasterboard up in the reverb chamber, having a little whistle as we worked and hearing the sound change was pretty exciting. We also went to an incredible salvage yard in Hertfordshire, full of brilliant things like specimen cabinets from the Natural History Museum and old ship’s radios. We got a big section of wooden panelling for the live room, which we plan to hinge so you can choose whether you want to have the reflective side or the soft side facing into the room, or can use to partition off the drums or vocals. We also got two vanloads of hardwood flooring, salvaged from somewhere. Right, time to get wiring up some sockets.