Bass re-amp shootout

Last week we got a present from the magisterial Ian Button. He'd made us a new re-amp box, following this plan in Recording Magazine. We decided to compare it to our classic Radial X-Amp Studio Re-Amper. Have a listen to the results below:

As many will you have noticed, we used James Jamerson's classic line from Marvin Gaye and Tammy Wynette's 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough'. We re-amped it through our Fender Bassman 59 and tried out both of our re-amp boxes. Jamerson would have had no time for any of this nonsense, he plugged his Fender Precision straight into the desk at Motown and played. In the time it took us to re-amp his bass track he'd have probably arranged and recorded three more hit singles. And, ultimately, he'd be right to do so - the difference for this kind of music is very minimal! But they are there - a little more depth to the low-end with the radial, and a little more mid-range poke with the DIY box. Let us know which you prefer!